Type 27 SG Depressed Center Grinding Wheel 4-1/2 Dia 1/4 Thick 7/8 Arbor Alum Oxide

Product Description

Recommended for soft, tough and hard grades of aluminum, hardness grade N offers an excellent balance of aggressive removal and good service life. Aggressive, non-loading grinding performance on aluminum and all soft metals. Paraffin-free design leaves residue-free surface for immediate welding without secondary surface cleaning operation.


Speed [Max] 13,300 rpm
Wt. 4.08 lb
Abrasive Trade Name A
Hardness Grade R
Tool Shape Type 27
Grit 24
Dia. [Nom] 4-1/2 in
Abrasive Material Aluminum Oxide
Thickness [Nom] 1/4 in
SKU Group Auto-Id 180800
Arbor Diam [Nom] 7/8 in
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