Tychem® 4000 CoverallTaped Seam Attached Hood and Sock Elastic Wrist Boot Flap Zipper Front Storm Flap White 4X-Large

Product Description

Effective protection against a range of chemicals. Tychem® 4000 is chemical barrier film laminated to Tyvek® fabric. Tychem® 4000 is white for high visibility. Tychem® 4000 provides at least 30 minutes of protection against >120 chemical challenges. Many different styles available.


SizeGroup 4X-Large
Applications Chemical Mixing; Emergency Medical Response; Hazardous Remediation; Nuclear Environments; Spray Painting
Style Taped Seams; Attached Hood (Respirator Fit) and Socks; Elastic Wrist, Boot Flap, Storm Flap
HeightNom 16 in
Material Tychem® 4000
Color White
LengthNom 16 in
Resistance Abrasion; Chemicals; Puncture
SKUGroupAuto-ID 176006
WidthNom 10 in
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