Tru-Bluâ„¢ Pipe Thread Sealant 1.8 fl oz Tube Blue

Product Description

For refrigeration and industrial applications. Recommended for use on galvanized steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, polyethylene, fiberglass reinforced, PVC and CPVC pipe. Ideal for use as positive lock and seal on threaded fasteners.


Resistance Lubricating; Vibration Resistant
TempRangeMin ­15° F
ChemicalCompound PTFE
PhysicalForm Paste
PackingType Tube
TempRangeMax 350° F
ViscosityMin 45000 cps
CapacityVolNom 1.8 fl oz
Color Blue
Quantity 24 TUBE / CS
SKUGroupAuto-ID 208556
SpecificGravityNom 1.4
FlashPointNom 144° F
ViscosityMax 45000 cps
VOC 160 g/L
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