Torqueplus Metric Impact Sockets 3/8 in 3/8 in Drive 11 mm 6 Points

Product Description

The TorquePlusâ„¢ internal design minimizes fastener rounding, helps to extend fastener life, and allows the user to more easily turn worn, rounded, or rusted fasteners. Proto Impact Sockets are ideal for use on stubborn or damaged fasteners, and also on fasteners made from soft materials. The TorquePlusâ„¢ design is a high performance drive configuration which allows for quick and easy socket engagement to the fastener flats, not the corners.


OverallLengthNom 26.2 mm
LockingType Pin
Material Forged Alloy Steel
MeasuringSystem Metric
HeadWidthNom 17.3 mm (opening side); 17.3 mm (drive side)
OpeningSizeNom 11 mm
DriveSizeNom 3/8 in
SKUGroupAuto-ID 185425
Finish Black Oxide
Wt 0.06 lb
NoofPoints 6
DriveType Square
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