Torqueplus Metric 12-Point Offset Box Wrenches 14 mm x 15 mm 246.3 mm L

Product Description

Torqueplusâ„¢ fastening system drives off fastener body, more easily removing damaged fasteners. Reduces risk of fastener rounding. Anti-Slip Design (ASD) wrench has a locking groove prevents slippage and knuckle injury. Applies more torque to fastener.


SKUGroupAuto-ID 184878
Material Forged Alloy Steel
OverallLengthNom 246.3 mm
HeadWidthNom 22.2 mm; 20.8 mm
HandleType Off-Set
OffsetAngle 7 1/2° Box Side
OpeningSizeNom 14 mm; 15 mm
Finish Polish
Wt 0.33 lb
MeasuringSystem Metric
NoofPoints 12
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