Torqueplus 13 Piece Deep Socket Sets 3/8 in 6 Point

Product Description

The TorquePlusâ„¢ design is a high performance drive configuration which allows for quick and easy socket engagement to the fastener flats, not the corners. The TorquePlusâ„¢ configuration employs a radius-corner design, shifting contact area and stress away from the fastener corners and distributing contact stresses over a large area of the socket, minimizing slippage. The TorquePlusâ„¢ internal design minimizes fastener rounding, helps to extend fastener life, and allows the user to more easily turn worn, rounded, or rusted fasteners.


DriveType Square
Includes Socket Bar; Clips
LockingType Ball
Wt 4.08 lb
SKUGroupAuto-ID 208464
NoofPoints 6
Quantity 13 per bar
TipType Box
DriveSizeNom 3/8 in
Material Forged Alloy Steel
OpeningSizeNom 1/4 in; 1 in
Finish Nickel Chrome
MeasuringSystem Inch
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