TiN Plug Spiral Point Machine Tap 2FL #12-24 Tool Size UNC

Product Description

The TiN coating on these taps protects them from wear and allows them to be used at higher speeds than taps with a bright finish. This spiral point machine tap is best used in thru hole applications.


Type UNC
ThreadSizeNom #12
MeasuringSystem Imperial
Quantity 1 EA / EA
NoofFlutes 2
ShankSizeSymbol Square
Thread-TPIorPitch 24
TapSize #12-24 UNC
CuttingDirection Right
LengthNom 2-3/8 in
ThreadPitchNom 24
SKUGroupAuto-ID 219959
PackingType Snap Pack
EndShape Square
ApplicableMaterials Stainless Steel; Steel
Material HSS
TapType Spiral Point Tap
OutsideDiamNom 0.216 in
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