Tempilstik® Temperature Indicator Stick 463° F 5.5 in L


Product Description

Specially engineered for accurate temperature indication in pre-heating, interpass, and post-weld heat treating applications. Available from 100° F (38° C) to 2,000° F (1,093° C). Stick instantly melts at designated temperature for easy and immediate visual inspection. Calibration-free with 100% reliability. Accurate to within +/- 1% of Fahrenheit and +/- 3% Celsius rated. Imprinted part number, temperature, and lot code across entire stick for improved traceability. Made in USA.


Accuracy ±1 %
ApplicableMaterials Aluminium; Ceramic; Glass; Iron; Plastic; Stainless Steel; Steel
Applications Oil and Gas Production; Railroad; Ship Building and Repair; Transmission; Welding And Metal Fabrication
Includes Pocket Clip Included
LengthNom 0.625
PackingType Box
SKUGroupAuto-ID 402554
TempRangeMax 463° F
Type Temperature Indicator Stick
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