Tapered-Leaf Thickness Gages 172 Count Steel Case

Product Description

Steel case protects leaves. Thickness marked on leaf. Locking device securely locks 1 or more leaves in position. Leaves easily removed or replaced. For adjusting tappets, spark plugs, distributor points, checking bearing clearances and gear play, fitting pistons, rings and pins, and gaging narrow slots.


Wt 0.30 lb
BladeWidthMin 1/4 in
SKUGroupAuto-ID 188745
Material Tempered Steel
BladeLengthNom 6 in
BladeWidthMax 1/2 in
MeasuringSystem Inch
BladeThicknessMin 0.0020 in
NoofBlades 8
Type Feeler
BladeThicknessMax 0.0150 in
Quantity 1 per case
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