Taper Pipe Tap (HCS) 1/8 in-27 NPT Plug Tap 4 Flutes

Product Description

Cuts internal threads in pipes. Nominal size of the tap is that of the pipe fitting being tapped. Available in National Pipe Taper (NPT) and British Standard Pipe Taper (BSP). Ideal for pipe fittings. Tapered at a rate of 3/4" per foot.


ThreadSizeNom 1/8 in
CuttingDirection Right
ApplicableMaterials Most Metals
ThreadsPerInchNom 27
Material High Carbon Steel
ThreadStandard NPT
NoofFlutes 4
TapType Plug Tap
SKUGroupAuto-ID 206215
PackingType Carded
EndShape Chamfer - 8 to 10 Threads
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