Stem-Mounted Circular Flared End Brush Steel 25000 RPM 2 in

Product Description

Crimped Wire Fill Which Has Been "Pre-Flared" to Match the Working Angle of the Brush At Operating Speed. Accommodates the natural working angle. For a broad range of surfaces and contours.


Wt 2 1/2 lb
SKUGroupAuto-ID 189951
Applications Severe Applications
Structure Crimped
BrushDiam 2 in
ApplicableMaterials Rust; Paint; Oxides; Scale
UsedWith Die Grinders; Right-Angle Air Die Grinders
StemDiam 1/4 in
Includes <NULL>
SpeedNom 25,000 rpm
HeightNom 4-5/8 in
WireSizeNom 0.014 in
OverallLengthNom 2-1/8 in
WidthNom 2-1/8 in
BristleMaterial Steel
Type Crimped
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