Standard Length Flat Bits 1/4 in Dia.

Product Description

Patented micro-groove cutting edge and spurs produce a smoother hole finish. Double spur design scribes the hole before the chips are made, producing a cleaner hole and reducing vibration. All bits have a 1/4 in hex shank that fit all drills and 1/4 in quick change adapters.


SpiralAngle CW
OverallLengthNom 6 in
Type Boring Bit
ApplicableMaterials Wood
PackingType Carded
SKUGroupAuto-ID 206229
PointShape Brad+Double-Spur+Double-Cutter
CuttingDiamNom 1/4 in
CuttingEdgeMaterial Tool Steel
Wt 0.05 lb
LengthGroup Standard
ShankType Hex
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