Snap Hook Die Cast Zinc Double Ended Bolt 3/8 in Hook Opening 4 in L 60 lb

Product Description

Choose from die cast zinc, malleable iron and steel, solid bronze, and stainless steel snap hooks. Breaching snap, double ended bolt or cap snap, rigid fixed eye hook, rigid open eye bolt snap, rigid round eye bolt snap, rigid round eye cap snap, swiveling open eye bolt or eye spring snap, swiveling round eye animal or spring snap, swiveling round eye bolt or cap snap, and swiveling strap eye trigger snap styles. Typical uses include flagpoles, gate closures, key rings, tarp cover, and other home, farm, recreational and marine applications. Also ideal for pet leashes and tie-outs. Do not exceed working load limit. Do not use for overhead lifting or hoisting.


HookOpening 3/8 in
Finish Nickel Plated
OverallLengthNom 4 in
LockingType Slide Bolt
Material Die Cast Zinc
Type 162Z Double Ended Bolt Snap
SKUGroupAuto-ID 203809
Quantity 10 EA/BOX
WorkingLoadLimit 60 lb
EyeInnerDiamNom No Eye
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