Resin Cones and Plugs Type 16 1 1/2 in Dia 3 in Thick 3/8 Arbor 24 Grit

Product Description

Used for grinding and finishing metals in hard to reach areas. Suitable for steel and other ferrous metals. Superior performance and durability.


Type Resin Cone
Wt 0.43 lb
BodyMaterial Resin
Grit 24
HardnessGrade R
ArborThread-TPIorPitch 3/8 in - 24
ThicknessNom 3 in
ToolShape Type 16
Color Gray
Quantity 10 per carton
SpeedMax 24,192 rpm
ArborDiamNom 3/8 in
Applications Grinding
UsedWith Portable Grinders
DiaNom 1 1/2 in
AbrasiveMaterial Aluminum Oxide
SKUGroupAuto-ID 203885
Bond Resin
ApplicableMaterials Steel, Ferrous Metals; Ferrous Metal; Tough Steel
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