Replacement Hypertherm® Misc Part Suitable for HPR/HPRXD Torches (#) Cooling Tube 30-260 A

Product Description

Trademark Disclaimer: Registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners; the distributor is in no way affiliated with the above named manufacturers. (#) Thermacut® electrodes have to be used with Thermacut® design cooling tube, otherwise it does not fit to the torch, Thermacut® cooling tube can be used for Thermacut® design electrodes and for original design too.


SKUGroupAuto-ID 215759
ApplicableMaterials Aluminum; Mild Steel; Stainless Steel
ForUnit HyPerformance® Plasma HPR® 130/260; HPR®130XD/260/260XD/400XD
Type (#) Cooling Tube; 30-260 A
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