R6 Series Die Grinders 1/4 in NPT 22000 RPM 1/5 hp

Product Description

Durable, quality tools built to withstand frequent and rigorous applications, the R6 Series can handle 6 hour workdays and get the job done. Full-size, lightweight aluminum construction. Rugged, ball-bearing design for durability. Variable-speed throttle with safety lock.


HandleType Body Grip
LengthNom 6-1/8 in
SKUGroupAuto-ID 212954
Applications Polishing; Grinding; Surface Preparation
PowerCapNom 1/5 hp
VibrationMax 1.24 m/s²
HoseSizeNom 3/8 in
Wt 0.6 lbs
ColletSize 1/4 in NPT
ControlType Variable Speed Throttle
FreeSpeedMax 22000 RPM
PressureNom 90 psi
NoiseLevelNom 99 dB
Type Right Angle
WidthNom 3.5 in
AirConsumptionMax 3 CFM
HousingMaterial Aluminum
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