PC10 Series Power Cord Reels 12/3 AWG 20 A 30 ft Quad Box Receptacle

Product Description

All the power of our PC13 Series reel but built on the LG Series platform for one strong, durable and heavy duty reel. Includes 5 ft pigtail and grounding plug (except on less cord models). CoxComposite™ hub that integrates a high strength composite with self lubricating bronze bearings. CoxComposite™ grommet with continuous radius design that eliminates pinched cords.


EndType Quad Box Receptacle
ConductorSize1 12/3 AWG
WidthNom 7 3/8 in; 7 1/4 in
Wt 18 lb
VoltageNom 115 V
CordLength 30 ft
LengthNom 10 1/2 in
AmpsNom 20 A
HeightNom 10 5/8 in
SKUGroupAuto-ID 174331
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