MHS/MHSA General Purpose Bi-Metal Hole Saw 1-3/8 in Cutting dia 1-15/16 in Cutting Depth Arbor Attached


Product Description

General purpose cutting across a wide range of materials including metals, wood, drywall, and composites. Optimized to remove material faster. Solid cap reduces runout and vibration. Side slot for increased leverage for faster, easier slug removal. Options available with no arbor attached (MHS) or with arbor attached (MHSA).


ApplicableMaterials Machinable Metal; Nail-Embedded Wood; Plastic; Stainless Steel Alloy; Wood
CuttingDepthNom 1-15/16 in
CuttingDiamNom 1-3/8 in (35 mm)
CuttingEdgeMaterial Bi-Metal
Includes Arbor Attached
Material Premium M42 High Speed Steel
PackingType Card
Quantity 1 EA/EA
SKUGroupAuto-ID 400334
Type General Purpose Bi-Metal Hole Saw
UsedWith Drills; Drivers
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