Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade 9 in L x 3/4 in W x 0.050 in Thick 14 TPI 2 EA/PK

Product Description

Power Blast Technology™ is a high speed blasting along the cutting edge that strengthens the blade to reduce breaks and increase durability. Patented T2™ Technology reduces cutting forces on each tooth and optimizes chip removal to allow efficient cutting in the widest range of materials. Patented metal cutting TPIs provide faster and more efficient cutting in the widest widest variety of materials, including Unistrut, angle iron, black pipe, and more.


Style Straight Back
SKUGroupAuto-ID 400009
WidthNom 3/4 in
TeethPerInch 14
ThicknessNom 0.050 in
Quantity 2 EA/PK
ApplicableMaterials Ferrous Metals
Type Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade
BladeLengthNom 9 in
Material Steel
BladeThicknessNom 0.050 in
BladeType Power Blast Technology™
LengthNom 9 in
Applications Medium Metal; Thick Metal
CuttingEdgeMaterial Bi-Metal Tipped
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