Left-Hand Mechanics Length Cobalt High Speed Steel Drill Bit 3/8 in Split

Product Description

Constructed of M-42 8% cobalt high speed steel for super abrasive resistance in tough metals. Heavy-duty spiral flute design produces faster chip ejection. Shorter cutting tips reduce torque for drilling in high tensile strength materials. 135-degree split point reduces feed pressure for easier penetration without work hardening. Ideal for use with screw extractors.


Structure Solid
Type HSS Drill Bit
SKUGroupAuto-ID 206370
ApplicableMaterials Metal
BitLength 4-1/8 in
Finish Gold Oxide
Resistance Abrasion
FluteLength 2-3/8 in
NoofFlutes 2
ShankType Cylinder
Applications Drilling
CuttingDiamNom 3/8 in
PointAngle 135°
OverallLengthNom 4-1/8 in
LengthGroup Mechanics
PackingType Bulk
PointShape Split Point
CuttingEdgeMaterial HSS-E (Co-M42)
SpiralAngle CCW
Material High Speed Steel
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