LAZER® Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade 6 in L x 1 in W x 0.035 in Thick 18 TPI 5 EA/PKG

Product Description

Power Blast Technology™ is high speed blasting along the cutting edge that strengthens the blade to reduce breaks and increase durability. Taller blade profile delivers straighter cuts and longer life in the most demanding metal cutting applications.


BladeThicknessNom 0.035 in
ApplicableMaterials Metal; Structural Steel
BladeLengthNom 6 in
LengthNom 6 in
Applications Structural Steels and All Metals 1/16 in to 1/4 in
SKUGroupAuto-ID 213810
Quantity 5 EA/PKG
ThicknessNom 0.035 in
WidthNom 1 in
CuttingEdgeMaterial Power Blast Technology™
Type LAZER® Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade
TeethPerInch 18
Material Bi-Metal
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