Industrial XP Acid Staining Sprayer 2 gal 12 in Extension 42 in Hose

Product Description

Translucent poly tank with wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning. Designed specifically for acid staining and acid cleaning. Pressure relief valve. Shut-off has lock-off feature to prevent accidental discharge. Adjustable poly cone nozzle sprays coarse stream to a fine mist.


SKUGroupAuto-ID 218060
HoseLength 42 in
OperatingPressureNom 40 to 60 psi
ApplicableMaterials Acid Stain
CapacityVolMax 2 gal
PumpType Hand
HandleType Metal-Alloy
ExtensionLengthNom 12 in
BodyMaterial Poly
NozzleType Ceramic
Color Translucsent/Orange Words
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