Industrial Grade Filament Tape 893 1.89 in x 60 yd 300 lb/in Strength

Product Description

Clear polyester film backing, strong glass filaments and high shear rubber resin adhesive make this a versatile choice for a wide range of packaging and bundling. Medium tensile strength (300 lbs./inch). Resists stains, splitting and tearing. Works well with dispensers.


AdhesiontoSteel 55 oz/in
Color Clear
Quantity 24 per case
TensileStrength2Nom 300 lb/in
ElongationNom 4.5 %
Adhesion 55 oz/in
Material Polypropylene; Fiberglass
ThicknessNom 6 mil
SKUGroupAuto-ID 202249
LengthNom 60 yd
Wt 0.45 lb
WidthNom 1.89 in
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