HO Series Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Oil HO-1 5 gal Pail

Product Description

Formulated to provide superior performance in hydraulic systems. Contain fluid zinc. Excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-foam, and anti-oxidation properties. High aniline points ensure long seal life with fewer leaks. Can withstand elevated temperatures and high pressures over extended drain intervals. High natural V.I. provides stable viscosities over a wider operating temperature range. Outstanding cleanliness charicteristics for today's close tolerance hydraulic system componants. Excellent ISO cleanliness ratings. Provides long lasting, smooth operation in hydraulic systems, and bearing operations.


Odor/Scent Mineral Oil
SAE No. 20
Capacity Vol. [Nom] 5 gal
Wt. 9 lb
Chemical Compound Petroleum Based
Specific Gravity [Max] 0.89
Pour Point -25.5 °F
SKU Group Auto-Id 176717
Color Amber
Flash Point [Nom] 420.00 °F
ViscosityTempNom 49.0 SUS @ 210.0 °F; 213.0 SUS @ 100.0 °F
Fire Point 450.000 °F
Resistance Corrosive Process
Specific Gravity [Min] 0.87
Applications Hydraulic
Packing Type Pail
Type Hydraulic Oil
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