HO Series Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Oil HO-1 1 gal Jug

Product Description

Formulated to provide superior performance in hydraulic systems. Contain fluid zinc. Excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-foam, and anti-oxidation properties. High aniline points ensure long seal life with fewer leaks. Can withstand elevated temperatures and high pressures over extended drain intervals. High natural V.I. provides stable viscosities over a wider operating temperature range. Outstanding cleanliness charicteristics for today's close tolerance hydraulic system componants. Excellent ISO cleanliness ratings. Provides long lasting, smooth operation in hydraulic systems, and bearing operations.


ViscosityTempNom 49.0 SUS @ 210.0 °F; 213.0 SUS @ 100.0 °F
SpecificGravityMin 0.87
PourPoint -25.5 °F
Color Amber
CapacityVolNom 1 gal
SpecificGravityMax 0.89
OdorScent Mineral Oil
Applications Hydraulic
FlashPointNom 420.00 °F
SAENo 20
PackingType Jug
Wt 7.76 lb
SKUGroupAuto-ID 176717
Type Hydraulic Oil
ChemicalCompound Petroleum Based
Resistance Corrosive Process
FirePoint 450.000 °F
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