High Speed Fractional Straight Shank Jobber Length Drill Bit 5/16 in Carded

Product Description

Constructed of M-2 high speed steel for strength, heat resistance and wear resistance. Standard 118-degree point for use in wood, metal and plastic.


CuttingDiamNom 5/16 in
PointAngle 118°
Finish Bright
FluteLength 1 5/8 in
ShankType Straight
LengthGroup Jobber
ApplicableMaterials Metal; Plastic; Wood
BitLength 1 5/8 in
Applications Automotive; MRO; Portable Drills; Stationary Drill Press
Wt 0.8 lb
SpiralAngle CW
Type HSS Drill Bit
SKUGroupAuto-ID 206351
Material High Speed Steel
OverallLengthNom 2 13/16 in
CuttingEdgeMaterial HSS
PackingType Carded
Resistance Heat; Wear
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