Hi Performance Portable Band Saw Blade 8/11 TPI 1/2 x 44 7/8 Bi-Metal

Product Description

These hi performance blades feature exceptional cutting edges and the longest life. Provides quick, clean cuts in a variety of materials. Reduced tooth strippage. Increased weld contact area.


SKUGroupAuto-ID 183871
ThicknessNom 0.02 in
Style Variable Pitch
Quantity 3 per box
Type Variable Pitch
WidthNom 1/2 in
ApplicableMaterials Most Metals; Stainless Steel
Material Bi-Metal
CuttingLengthNom 44 7/8 in
CuttingEdgeMaterial HSS
Wt 0 lb
ToothShape Wavy Set
TeethPerInch 11-Aug
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