Heavy-Duty Offset Striking Wrenches 11 in 1 1/8 in Opening

Product Description

Large striking surface. Heavy box walls provide torque transmission. Short handle permits work in close quarters. Offset provides clearance for knuckles and obstructions. Box opening remains on fastener when wrench is struck. Efficient transmittal of force to fastener. For where extreme force is needed to loosen or set large fasteners.


MeasuringSystem Inch
OpeningSizeNom 1 1/8 in
NoofPoints 12
Wt 1.79 lb
SKUGroupAuto-ID 208332
OffsetDistance 15/16 in
HeadThicknessNom 5/8 in
OverallLengthNom 11 in
Material Forged Alloy Steel
HeadWidthNom 1 11/16 in
Finish Black Oxide
OffsetAngle 45° Box Side
HandleType Off-Set
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