Heavy Duty Filters Manual Drain 1 in Inlet 150 psi

Product Description

Remove unwanted moisture and debris from compressed air systems. Designed for fixed installations in automotive, construction and industrial environments; its proven design ensures a long and trouble-free service life. Completely serviceable and can be disassembled with ease. Featuring die-cast aluminum bodies, extra large filter elements, easy maintenance and design consistency. Bayonet locking ring allows for easy bowl removal by hand.


Grade 40 µ
Wt 4 lb
BowlMaterial Polycarbonate
DrainMethod Manual
DesignatedFluid Air
HeightNom 9 in
ElementMaterial 40 Micron Sintered Bronze
OperatingPressureMax 150 psi
SKUGroupAuto-ID 204097
CapacityVolNom 23 oz
OperatingTempMax 120 °F
DiaNom 5 in
FlowMax 260 SCFM
Type Inline
BodyMaterial Die Cast Aluminum
FlowMin 119 SCFM
InletSize 1 in
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