Grade 80 Alloy Chains Size 5/16 in 250 ft 4500 lb Limit Black

Product Description

Rugged, versatile, high strength and low weight chain. Chain is quenched and tempered before proof testing. Ultimate tensile strength of alloy chain is over twice that of ordinary steel chain. One of only two grades recommended for use in overhead lifting.


Material Alloy Steel
WtLength 91.6 lb @ 100 ft
WorkingLoadLimit 4,500 lb
Grade 80
MaterialDiam 5/16 in
Type Alloy Chain
CrossSectionShape Round
LengthNom 250 ft
PackingType Half Drum
DiaNom 0.31 in
InnerWidthNom 0.48 in
Wt 229 lb
TradeSize 5/16 in
InnerLengthNom 1.01 in
Finish Black
Color Black
SKUGroupAuto-ID 169631
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