Gold® Power Arc Curved Reciprocating Saw Blade 8 in L x 3/4 in W x 0.035 in Thick 24 TPI Metal

Product Description

Aggressive blade design optimizes the blade's angle of attack for faster cutting in a variety of materials. T2™ Technology and precision applied titanium coating help dissipate heat making blades last longer. Titanium coating makes teeth more wear-resistant so they stay sharp for quicker cuts. Options available for nail embedded/wood blades, metal blades, thick metal blades, and demolition/nail embedded/wood blades.


WidthNom 3/4 in
ThicknessNom 0.035 in
BladeThicknessNom 0.035 in
Material Bi-Metal
Quantity 5 EA/PK
CuttingEdgeMaterial Titanium Coating
SKUGroupAuto-ID 400120
BladeLengthNom 8 in
ApplicableMaterials Stainless Steel
BladeType Standard Duty
TeethPerInch 24
Applications Thin Metal
Type Gold® Power Arc Curved Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade
LengthNom 8 in
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