Flex Head Electronic Torque Wrenches with Angles 1/2 in Drive

Product Description

Digitally tracks torque and angle measurement. Prevent over-torquing of bolts. Handle vibrates, buzzer sounds and LCD screen alerts when the target torque is reached. Three function modes: peak torque, angle and peak angle.


DriveSizeNom 1/2 in
Finish Chrome
HeadType Flex
DriveType Angle
MeasuringSystem Inch
TorqueMin 25 ft lb
Wt 3.08 lb
SKUGroupAuto-ID 401829
OverallLengthNom 25 in
TorqueIncrement 0.1 ft lb
TorqueSetting Pre-Set
Accuracy ±2 %
TorqueMax 250 ft lb
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