CrossFlex Bore Brush Abrasive Globules 3-1/4 in Dia 3.6 in L 0.283 in Stem Dia 120 Grit

Product Description

Heavy burr removal increased brush to part contact ensures that the heaviest burrs will be removed, outperforming standard nylon tube brushes. Flexible nylon stems distribute pressure evenly and self centers within the part to create an ideal hone. Collet ready brushes deliver a true center rotation and exceptional brush balance for automated applications or hand held use.


OverallLengthNom 3.6 in
SKUGroupAuto-ID 218568
ApplicableMaterials Steel
Grit 120
DiaNom 3-1/4 in
StemDiam 0.283 in
WireMaterial Abrasive Globules
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