Crimped Wire Wheel 1 1/2 in D .006 Stainless Steel Wire

Product Description

Short trim length allows for more aggressive brushing action. Strong brushing action.


StemDiam 1/4 in
Wt 3/4 lb
HeightNom 3 1/8 in
UsedWith Power Drills; Die Grinders; Right-Angle Air Die Grinders
BristleMaterial Stainless Steel
TrimLengthNom 3/8 in
Applications Cleaning and Finishing; Rust and paint removal; Deburring
BristleDiam 0.006 in
LengthNom 7 in
SpeedMax 20,000 rpm
FaceWidth 1/4 in
DiaNom 1 1/2 in
SKUGroupAuto-ID 210045
WidthNom 2 in
Type Crimped Stem Mounted
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