Crimped Wire Cup Brush 3 in Dia. M14 x 2 Arbor Steel Wire

Product Description

For light to medium duty, general purpose applications. Very flexible brushing action with consistent performance. Features a threaded nut for use on angle grinders.


Type Crimped
WireMaterial Steel
Wt 0.75 lb
WidthNom 3 1/8 in
WireSizeNom 0.014 in
HeightNom 2 5/8 in
SpeedMax 14,000 RPM
LengthNom 3 1/8 in
Applications Cleaning; Removal; Roughening; Deburring
DiaNom 3 in
SKUGroupAuto-ID 189969
TrimLengthNom 7/8 in
ArborThread-TPIorPitch M14 x 2.0
UsedWith Right-Angled Grinders
ApplicableMaterials Rust; Paint; Oxides; Scale
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