C434ME-300 Combination Square/Center/Protractor Sets 11 3/4 in

Product Description

Combination set featuring square, center and reversible protractor head and blade. Includes a reversible lock bolt, scriber and spirit level in both the square head and protractor head.


Type Protractor Combination Set
SKUGroupAuto-ID 213510
BladeWidthNom 1 in
Finish Satin Chrome
Graduations 1/2 mm and 32nds; mm and 64ths
LengthNom 11-3/4 in
BladeMaterial Steel
Includes Reversible Lock Bolts; Scriber and Spirit Levels in Square Head; Protractor Head
Model C434ME-300
HandleMaterial Steel
HeadType Square; Center; Protractor
RangeMax 180°
BladeLengthNom 11 3/4 in
BeamMaterial Cast Iron
BladeFinish Satin Chrome
Material Steel
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