Bulldog Aviation Snips Cuts Straight 10 in

Product Description

Custom heat-treated blades precision machined to last longer, and with 40 serrations per inch for non-scarring grip on material. Drop-forged molybdenum alloy steel cuts cold rolled steel and stainless steel. 8:1 compound action for maximum cutting power with minimal effort. Long lasting double overwind spring. Superior grade 8 pivot bolt.


Wt 0.91 lb
CuttingCapNom 16 ga. (CR Steel); 18 ga. (Stainless Steel)
SKUGroupAuto-ID 214550
JawType Bulldog Aviation -Straight Cut
HandleMaterial Molded Plastic
Material Forged Alloy Steel
HandleType Molded Plastic
CuttingLengthNom 7/8 in
Finish Unpolished Steel
CutType Shear Cut
LengthNom 10 in
HandleColor Yellow
ApplicableMaterials Cold Rolled Steel; Stainless Steel; Sheet Metal; Wire Screening; Soft Metals; Rubber; Canvas; Plastic
JawMaterial Heat-Treated Steel
CuttingDirection Straight
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