Brass Cylinder Adaptor CGA-200 "MC" Acetylene To CGA-510 POL Acetylene 90°

Product Description

Use a brass cylinder adaptor to connect a regulator to a cylinder or other equipment when different CGA threads on the mating parts make a direct connection impossible. Adaptors should not be used as permanent installations.


CGA No. CGA-510; CGA-200
To Regulator Service CGA-510 POL Acetylene 90??
Gas Type Acetylene
Material Brass
SKU Group Auto-Id 210366
From Cylinder Service CGA-200 MC Acetylene
ToRegulatorService CGA-510 POL Acetylene 90°
GasType Acetylene
CGANo CGA-510; CGA-200
FromCylinderService CGA-200 MC Acetylene
Material Brass
SKUGroupAuto-ID 210366
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