Aluminum Cutting Wheel 4.5 in Diameter 7/8 in Arbor Type 1 60 Grit AO

Product Description

High performance cutting on aluminum. Blend abrasive grains with Weiler®'s non-loading formula, resulting in a fast and consistent cut rate on aluminum.


HardnessGrade S
SKUGroupAuto-ID 401456
Style Cut-Off Wheel
AbrasiveMaterial Aluminum Oxide; Silicon Carbide
Type Cut-Off Wheel
AbrasiveTradeName Tiger
Applications Beveling; Chamfering; Cutting; Weld Blending; Weld Removal
UsedWith Right Angle Grinders
DiaNom 4-1/2 in
Quantity 25 per pack
ApplicableMaterials Aluminum
ArborDiamNom 7/8 in
SpeedMax 13,300 RPM
Bond Resin
BodyMaterial Aluminum Oxide
Grit 60
ThicknessNom 0.045 in
ToolShape Type 1
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