Alloy Anchor Galvanized Shackles 1/2 in Bail Size 1.5 Tons 2 1/4 Outer Eye

Product Description

Lettering placement is strategically located to avoid top of shackle bow to prevent fraying of synthetic slings. Included angle between markings provides a quick visual guide for checking the load angle for double and single leg hitches. Markings of shackle include Date Code, WLL and Size on one side and Campbell, USA and CE on the other. Drop forged for superior strength and performance. 5:1 design factor. Working Load Limit (WLL) rated in metric tons (t).


SKUGroupAuto-ID 203786
WidthNom 1 in
Wt 0.7 lb
PinSizeNom 5/8 in
EyeOuterSize 2.25 in
InnerLengthNom 1 15/16 in
WorkingLoadLimit 3 1/3 t
BailSize 1/2 in
Color Orange
OpeningSizeNom 13/16 in
LengthNom 1 in
InnerWidthNom 1 1/4 in
LockingType Screw Pin
HeightNom 17.375 in
Material Forged Alloy Steel
Finish Galvanized
Type Screw Pin Shackle
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