Advantage® 900 Elastomeric Half-Mask Respirator Small All Particulate Aerosols

Product Description

Elastomeric respirators are designed for repeated cleaning and decontamination resulting in dramatic cost savings over filtering facepiece respirators. The included mechanical speaking diaphragm allows for improved communication among essential workers, patients and the public. The Advantage® 900 does not have an exhalation valve which allows for filtration of exhaled air, thereby providing a means of source control and use in a sterile field environment. Reuse and cleaning capability make the Advantage 900 respirator a more eco-friendly alternative by removing single use disposable alternatives from the waste stream. Overmolded MultiFlex nosecup provides stability and on the user's face and while maintaining a secure fit. AnthroCurve™ facepiece design maximizes fit and comfort and reduces potential leak points. Use with Advantage P100 Filters (815369 2/PK) and P100 Filters with Splash Guard (10146939 2/PK).


Suspension Rear Clasp and Drop-Down Head Harness
Body Material Elastomer
Size Group Small
Resistance All Particulate Aerosols
Usage EMS; Fire Service; First Responder; Food Processing; Healthcare; Other Essential Industries
SKU Group Auto-Id 219322
Protected Area Mouth; Nose
Includes Mechanical Speaking Diaphragm
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