A5.8 Low Fuming Bronze Filler Metal 1/8 in dia x 36 in L Flux Coated 10 lb Box


Product Description

Low melting point makes it easily machinable and excellent for sheet metal work. High tensile strength and good ductility. Versatile, suitable for general purpose applications.


ApplicableMaterials Steel; Copper Alloys; Nickel Alloys; Stainless Steel
CapacityWtNom 10 lb
DiaNom 1/8 in
FlashPointNom 1,630° F
Liquidus 1,630° F
PackingType Box
PhysicalForm Solid
SKUGroupAuto-ID 212998
Solidus 1,595° F
TensileStrengthNom 71 ksi
Type Filler Metal
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