454 Prism Instant Adhesive Surface Insensitive Gel 200 g Tube Clear


Product Description

Bonds dissimilar parts. Can be applied to vertical surfaces. Excellent for almost all surfaces. Ideal for porous substrates and rough and acidic surfaces.


ApplicableMaterials Fabric; Leather; Most Metals; Paper; Plastic; Rubber; Wood
Applications Multi-Purpose
CapacityWtNom 200 g
ChemicalCompound Cyanoacrylate
Color Clear
FixCureTimeTemp 15 s @ 77 °F
FullCureTimeTemp 24 h @ 77 °F
GapFillNom 0.01 in
PackingType Tube
SKUGroupAuto-ID 181736
TempRangeMax 180 °F
TempRangeMin -65 °F
TensileStrengthNom 3,200 psi
Wt 0.58 lb
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