454™ Prism® Instant Adhesive Surface Insensitive Gel 3 g Tube Clear


Product Description

Bonds dissimilar parts. Can be applied to vertical surfaces. Excellent for almost all surfaces. Ideal for porous substrates and rough and acidic surfaces.


AdhesiveTensileShear 3,200 psi
ApplicableMaterials Fabric; Leather; Most Metals; Paper; Plastic; Rubber; Wood
Applications Multi-Purpose
CapacityVolNom 0.1 oz
CapacityWtNom 3 g
ChemicalCompound Cyanoacrylate
Color Clear
FixCureTimeTemp 15 s @ 77 °F
FullCureTimeTemp 24 h @ 77 °F
GapFillNom 0.01 in
PackingType Tube
SKUGroupAuto-ID 181736
TempRangeMax 180 °F
TempRangeMin -65 °F
TensileStrengthNom 3,200 psi
WorkingTimeMin 15 sec
WorkingTimeNom 15 sec.
Wt 0.02 lb
FixCureTimeTemp 15 s @ 77 °F
FullCureTimeTemp 24 h @ 77 °F
Temp. Range [Max] 180 °F
Temp. Range [Min] -65 °F
Applications Multi-Purpose
Capacity Wt. [Nom] 3 g
Chemical Compound Cyanoacrylate
Color Clear
Gap Fill [Nom] 0.01 in
Packing Type Tube
Working Time [Min] 15 sec
Wt. 0.02 lb

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