150 General Purpose Black Oxide Jobber-Length Drill Bit 0.6201 in dia Cutting 7.0079 in OAL 15.75 mm

Product Description

Manufactured from premium high-speed steel (HSS). Black oxide surface finish increases wear resistance and adds lubricity to improve chip flow. 118° point with straight shank.


PointAngle 118° RHS/RHC
ShankType Straight
NoofFlutes 2
BitLength 7.0079 in
OverallLengthNom 7.0079 in
Finish Steam Oxide
CuttingDiamNom 0.6201 in
PointShape Radial
DiaNom 15.75 mm
SKUGroupAuto-ID 219904
Coating Black Oxide
ApplicableMaterials Carbon Steel; Cast Iron
FluteLength 4.7244 in
Type Style 150
Material High-Speed Steel (HSS)
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