12 Point Flat Stem Metric Combination Wrenches 8 mm Opening 139.37 mm

Product Description

Patented WrightGrip®2.0 technology provides unparalleled tool-to-fastener contact resulting in a superior anti-slip combination wrench. Forged and Machined for Best Fit and Unyielding Strength. Precision Heat-Treated and tempered for optimal hardness, ductility and durability. Easy to read stamp pattern in order to quickly determine opening size. Meets and exceeds ASME B107 hand tool standards.


OffsetAngle 15° Box Side
HeadAngle 15° Open Side
HeadWidthNom 17.32 mm (open)
HandleType Flat
Wt 0.08 lb
OpeningType Open/Box
HeadThicknessNom 4.9 mm (open); 5.79 mm (box)
Type Combination Wrench
OpeningSizeNom 8 mm
NoofPoints 12
SKUGroupAuto-ID 190708
MeasuringSystem Metric
OverallLengthNom 139.37 mm
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