495™ Super Bonder® Instant Adhesive 1 oz Bottle Clear

Product Description

"Ensure a super-strong bond, with super bonder, designed to bond rubber, metal, and plastic parts. Bonds gaps up to .004"". Easy to dispense and use. Cures rapidly at room temperature without the need for heat or light."


FullCureTimeTemp 24 h @ 77 °F
Packing Type Bottle
Working Time [Nom] 15 sec
Applicable Materials Plastic; Most Metals; Rubber
Working Time [Min] 15 sec
SKU Group Auto-Id 181840
Temp. Range [Max] 180 °F
Capacity Vol. [Nom] 1 oz
FixCureTimeTemp 20 s @ 77 °F
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Temp. Range [Min] -65 °F
Chemical Compound Cyanoacrylate
Wt. 0.1 lb
Color Clear
Gap Fill [Nom] 0.004 in
Applications Multi-Purpose
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