444™ Tak Pak® Instant Adhesive 20 g Bottle Clear


Product Description

This medium viscosity instant adhesive is designed for use with Tak Pak accelerators. Helps to attain instant cures for tacking electronic components. Proven superior performance to hot melts, RTV and other tacking alternatives.


Capacity Vol. [Nom] 20 g
Capacity Wt. [Nom] 20 g
Chemical Compound Cyanoacrylate
Color Clear
Dielectric Strength 36.6 kV/mm
Gap Fill [Nom] 0.004 in
Packing Type Bottle
SKU Group Auto-Id 212259
Working Time [Nom] 45 sec
CapacityVolNom 20 g
CapacityWtNom 20 g
ChemicalCompound Cyanoacrylate
Color Clear
DielectricStrength 36.6 kV/mm
GapFillNom 0.004 in
PackingType Bottle
SKUGroupAuto-ID 212259
TensileStrengthNom 3,200 psi
ViscosityNom 550-850 cP
WorkingTimeMin 45 sec
WorkingTimeNom 45 sec

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