Warning Whip Assorted Mount L Bracket with Mounting Hardware

Product Description

Choose from a variety of mounting bases or brackets. Temporary magnetic mounting bases with handle (FS7009) or without handle (FS3009LD). L mounting bracket (FS7012), mounting hardware included. Billet, fold-down, tab mount bracket (FS7016). Flat surface mounting bracket (FS7017), mounting hardware not included. Fire hydrant/flange mount (FS7018), mounting hardware not included. Tube style mirror bracket for 1/2 inch to 1 inch OD (FS7019), mounting hardware included. L mounting brackets, options for 1/4 inch universal mounting holes and 1/2 inch hole for attaching whip (VIAMOUNT) and 1/4 inch universal mounting holes and 1/2 inch slit for attaching whip (VIAMOUNTS), mounting hardware not included. Quick-release, fold-down mounting bracket with stainless steel (SS) hardware (VIAMOUNTF), mounting hardware not included.


SKUGroupAuto-ID 217456
Material Aluminum
UsedWith Warning Whips
Type L Mounting Bracket with Mounting Hardware
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