IvyX Pre-Contact Towelettes 50 Towelette Pouches per Dispenser Box

Product Description

Use for skin protection against poison plants. Apply before contact to poison plants. Dries quickly on skin and is almost unnoticeable. Washes off with soap and water, not greasy or sticky.


Width [Nom] 4 1/4 in
Height [Nom] 8 3/4 in
SKU Group Auto-Id 213773
Length [Nom] 6 1/2 in
Quantity 50 Towelette Pouches per box
Wt. 1.08 lb
Packing Type Dispenser Box
Quantity 50 Towelette Pouches per box
Wt 1.08 lb
HeightNom 8 3/4 in
WidthNom 4 1/4 in
PackingType Dispenser Box
SKUGroupAuto-ID 213773
LengthNom 6 1/2 in
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